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Project W.I.L.L. (Women into a lasting lifestyle)

200 Daruma Parkway, Moraine, Ohio 45439

Intensive Outpatient Clinical Supervisor: Brenda Middleton, LICDC-CS


Intensive Outpatient Project W.I.L.L.Project W.I.L.L. is an intensive outpatient program developed to provide gender specific, as well as, trauma-informed treatment in response to the the existing and emerging needs of women addicted/dependent upon or abusing alcohol and other drugs. The basic goal is to help the person get stabilized and to help her understand and accept her addiction; and begin developing the skills necessary to live a sober lifestyle.

Treatment Services

Project W.I.L.L. is committed to providing a continuum of care, services and programming that are culturally sensitive and that address current rehabilitation needs to assist individuals and their families in the development of effective life skills and resources to live healthy sustaining lives.

  • Medical Evaluation and Medical Somatic
  • Opioid Agonist Therapy
  • Psychological Assessment and Evaluation
  • Group and Individual Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Case Management Services
  • Urinalysis
  • Special Issues Groups
  • HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention, Pre/Post Test Counseling and testing
  • On-Site Child Monitor who provides assistance to the mothers in addition to linking them to appropriate child care centers.
  • Limited Transportation Service

Download the PDF documentation below for complete information about the Project W.I.L.L. program including admission criteria, scheduling information, as well as, additional group information.


Outpatient Services

Residential Services and CounselingThe Outpatient regimen offers evidence based treatment services to assist the client in becoming a productive member of society. The client is challenged to become and maintain abstinence through the use of specific tools and strategies provided by their counselor.

Project C.U.R.E., Inc., treatment team focuses on treating the whole person by assessing each life area for strengths, needs, abilities, preferences and weaknesses. Every aspect of a client's life is addressed: physical, mental, spiritual, economic, legal, education and relationships. Our treatment program is designed with the understanding that as long as a person possesses at a minimum basic determination, motivation and hope for a positive life change their recovery goals can be achieved.

Medical Department Services

At Project C.U.R.E., Inc., we strive for the overall well being of the clients we serve. Our comprehensive medical staff is comprised of Physicians and Nurses whom are trained in addiction medicine and serve our clients with a concern for their full recovery. The primary focus of our medical department is to treat the disease of chemical dependency. One of the most valuable services is the comprehensive evaluation and appropriate administration of Opiate agonist medication, namely methadone, to assist the client in avoiding withdrawal and being able to function normally while learning to utilize skills to obtain and maintain abstinence from potentially dangerous drug and alcohol use. As clients begin to utilize these skills, they are slowly removed from methadone while medically monitored for withdrawal symptoms and coordination with the counseling staff. Our facility is licensed by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and The DEA.

The medical department also is involved in a number of other activities aside from methadone administration. We offer TB testing and Hepatitis vaccinations and coordinate with other agencies to offer HIV, and Hepatitis testing to our clients at no additional charge. We also participate in referral to other medical services as needed to give our clients the best opportunities to live healthy and productive lives.