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Medical Director

Must have professional training and experience in the medical field. Must have knowledge of procedures used in operating a drug program. Must be able to work at least 40 full-time hours weekly. Must be licensed as a Medical Doctor in the State of Ohio with at least one year of experience on a supervisory level. The medical director needs to be an MD or DO, and hold a certification from the American board of Addiction Medicine, certification from a member board of medical subspecialties with an addiction subspecialty; or certification from the American Academy of Health Care Providers in the addictive disorders as a certified addiction specialist. If he/she has neither, than there must be a written plan to attain competence in opioid treatment within a probationary time period of 24 months.

Performs physical examinations for consumers and determines the medication dosage and treatment modality (maintenance or detoxify) the consumer will be placed in, based on the consumer’s history and examination results.

Maintains a licensed medical staff to order, store, review safe handling and dispense of medication.

Recruits, interviews, screens nursing applicants, supervises and evaluates staff.

Determine the ability of the program’s physician to physician extenders to work independently within the applicable scope of practice.

Writes procedures for withdrawing consumers, which includes medication regimen, the Various forms of physical withdrawal referral procedures, and support services available to terminate consumers.

Writes medical orders, evaluations, and medical reports. 

Maintains two R.Ns. on site during the program’s hours of operation who have basic knowledge of the complications associated with withdrawal and who is legally permitted to administer medications.

Consults with counselors about psychological status and quality care of consumers.

Provides medical counseling to consumers.

Ensures that the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program is in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules, and regulations regarding the medical treatment of substance use disorder.

Ensures that evidence of current physiologic dependence on an opiate, length of opiate dependence and exceptions to admission criteria are documented in the consumer’s electronic health record before the consumer receives the initial dose of MAT medication.

Ensures that a medical history and a physical examination have been done before a consumer receives the initial dose of MAT medication.

Ensures that appropriate laboratory studies have been performed and reviewed. The initial dose of MAT medication may be administered before the results of the laboratory tests are reviewed.

Ensures all medical orders are signed as required by federal, state or local laws and regulations.     

Develops or approves policies and procedure for take-home doses of MAT medication.

Ensures that justification for take-home doses is recorded in the consumer’s EHR record.

Ensures individuals are appropriately admitted to the MAT program.   

Ensures all medical services are appropriately performed by the MAT program.

The Medical Director shall be present at the agency at least 40% of the time the program administers or dispenses medication, and shall satisfactorily discharge all duties, this includes being on call. All time should be documented on a hand written time sheet and signed off by the Executive Director/CEO.

Responsible for all medication treatment decision.

Responsible for the operations for all medical aspects of the treatment program.

Obtains and maintains their own continuing medical education in the field of addiction on a document on an on-ongoing basis.

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Posted on 2/26/2020 by Hasani Hayden
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